Hensoldt has delivered the seventeenth Aerodrome Surveillance Radar, Series (ASR-S) radar to the German procurement authority BAAINBw and the Air Mobility Training Centre in Celle-Wietzenbruch.

The company is installing these radars to enable air traffic control modernisation at German military airfields.

Hensoldt is delivering the ASR radar under a €250m contract received from BAAINBw to supply 20 radar systems.

The latest ASR radar was subjected to a final acceptance test before being handed over to training centre commander colonel Jörn Rohmann.

The company’s systems are expected to replace the country’s ageing radar systems currently in service for military air traffic control.

In a statement, Hensoldt said: “The new radars are being used for approach control at the airfields themselves and for airspace surveillance within a radius of more than 100km in order to safely coordinate military flight movements with civil air traffic.”

The Air Mobility Training Centre is used by German Armed Forces for testing of and training in ‘different methods and processes in cooperation between ground forces and aircraft’.

The facility is subordinate to the German Army Training Command in Leipzig.

Other facilities where the Hensoldt radar systems have been installed include the German Air Force bases in Laupheim, Büchel, Wittmund and Untermeitingen, the German Military Technical Centre WTD 61 in Manching and the German Army Air Base in Niederstetten.

Hensoldt is involved in providing air traffic control and identification systems for military and civilian applications.

The company is also delivering a complete approach control system for the Swiss Air Force, and other ASR versions for the Royal Australian Air Force and clients in the UK and Canada.

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) also replaced existing radars used in military air traffic control with Hensoldt ASR systems.