Venture-supported start-up Hadean has joined Plexsys Interface Products and Thales Training and Simulation to deliver operational training solutions for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The latest collaboration builds upon the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Plexsys and Thales in June.

The addition of Hadean to the Plexsys-Thales team will further enhance the capabilities of these companies in synthetic battle-space training, digital simulation systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and integration expertise.

It will also allow the companies to combine their skills and services across different domains to provide solutions for the UK MoD’s critical challenges.

The challenges majorly include countering the potential adversaries by integrating disparate military capabilities.

The collaboration of the three companies will work to deliver a layered approach to multi-domain operational training.

Plexsys UK director Sanjay Khetia said: “Combining the expertise and technologies of each organisation, we’re well placed to provide scalable, high-fidelity training by matching Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training readiness requirements with innovative products and world-class support to ensure all our defence and non-defence customers’ ambitions are realised.”

The collaboration between prime and small medium enterprises aims to bring forth innovative solutions in the fields of operational analysis, digital twins and next-generation operational training.

The efforts will allow the UK Armed Forces to maintain a technological edge in supporting the country’s military capabilities.

It will also ensure that the capabilities and effects can be adapted and used to maximise their effectiveness in the demanding and complex multi-domain battlespace.

Hadean CEO Craig Beddis: “Together, we’ll provide military end-users with essential tools for maintaining battle-readiness and gaining the upper hand in an increasingly complex global strategic context.”