GKN Aerospace has signed a follow-on contract with Lockheed Martin to supply launch tubes for the PAC-3 missile segment enhancement (MSE).

The agreement will see the supply of the launch tubes until 2025.

In addition to the follow-on contract, the two companies also signed an agreement for a development contract.

It covers acquiring the necessary tooling, pathfinder units, and qualification. This will help in the production of the mid-section and seeker housing.

This development contract will start this month with PAC-3 MSE hardware production scheduled to take place in 2024.

GKN Aerospace Defense Business president Krisstie Kondrotis said: “Our extensive relationship with Lockheed Martin on the PAC-3 is built on our outstanding performance, commitment and dedication to our customers.

“I am proud of our team for their hard work, and we appreciate the opportunity to expand our involvement in support of the PAC-3.”

Fokker business of GKN Aerospace has applied proven production methodologies that support the PAC-3 programme with the lightweight composite launch tubes development.

Featuring ‘hit-to-kill’ technology, the PAC-3 family of missiles defend against incoming threats, including advanced tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft.

Building on the combat-proven PAC-3 cost reduction initiative (CRI) interceptor, the PAC-3 MSE expands the ‘lethal battlespace’ with a two-pulse solid rocket motor.

Currently, 14 nations have selected PAC-3 CRI and PAC-3 MSE to provide missile defence capabilities.