The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) has announced the provision of MANTIS weapon systems and LÜR air surveillance radars to Slovakia.

The latest announcement comes after the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) and the Slovak Ministry of Defense’s (MoD) officials recently held a meeting on 15 March to discuss the transfer of air defence system and radar.

The systems are being donated to reinforce Bundeswehr’s commitment to ‘permanently’ secure the airspace of alliance territory on the eastern border.

Delivery of two MANTIS and a total of five LÜRAirspace surveillance radars to Slovak Armed Forces is expected to complete by October this year.

MANTIS or Modular, Automatic and Network Capable Targeting and Interception System has been designed to provide protection against various short range against air attacks, including rockets, drones, artillery shells and mortars.

MANTIS features two sensors, an operating, fire control centre and up to eight guns.

It is an all-weather, modular protection system that can also be customised as an early warning system.

The system can also be deployed to protect critical military infrastructures, barracks and field camps from the airborne threats.

Meanwhile, the LÜR surveillance radar is used for monitoring the airspace as well as for locating and identifying aircraft flying at medium and low altitudes.

It can work both during the day and at night to collect data and provide a comprehensive picture of the airspace to further integrate the overall air defence network.

Apart from the latest effort, Germany is also working to strengthen the air defence of its Nato allied and partner nations by temporarily deploying its air and missile defence task force in Slovakia.

The deployed task force is equipped with Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target (Patriot) weapon system.