Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) has announced the completion of its first aircraft condition inspection (ACI) on an US Air Force (USAF) T-6 aircraft.

The latest milestone marks another ‘historic first’ for FRCSE.

The trainer aircraft was inducted by the FRCSE in August and completed its ACI, strip and paint in five months.

FRCSE Trainers production line lead Clint Batten said: “The trainer production line only accounts for approximately 60% of the touch labour, which highlights the incredible collaboration that happens across the facility, to include processes, components, manufacturing, flight test and trainers production line.

“Each T-6 that flies out of FRCSE is truly a team effort, and it takes everyone tugging the rope together to make it happen.”

The T-6A is a single-engine turboprop aircraft that plays a key role in providing advanced training for USAF pilots.

Currently, FRCSE has four additional T-6s in-house and seven more are scheduled to be inducted for ACI by the end of FY21.

The ACI mainly focuses on airframe and system inspection, replacement or repair areas. This ensures the availability of the aircraft throughout its service life.

FRCSE commanding officer colonel Fred Schenk said: “The key to success is collaboration. Whether that partnership exists from department to department within the depot, or from military branch to military branch.

“We are proud to uphold teamwork as one of our most fundamental principles at FRCSE. Providing this critical support to the airforce further strengthens our nation’s defence’s and is central to our mission.”