The French Director General Armaments (DGA) has signed a contract with start-up Hybrid Propulsion For Space (HyPr Space) to further the development of a missile launch simulator.

The contract seeks to provide the French air and space forces with a training system to detect missile fire quickly and easily. This will help them when performing air support missions.

According to DGA, the simulation of a surface-to-air missile is currently based on pyrotechnic systems. These systems can only be used on firing ranges under strict security rules.

The innovative solution proposed by the HyPr Space is based on a system that would operate without pyrotechnics to visually simulate the missile’s departure by generating smoke.

The white smoke will be produced by a non-pyrotechnic propulsion system. It will not release any carbon emissions.

It will be a safer and affordable solution for aircrews to train on enemy missile detection.

Under the contract, the company will provide an operational prototype to carry out in-flight demonstrations on the Captieux military airbase near Landes in France from early next year.

The contract follows the initial call for projects launched last year.

The missile launch simulator will be designed to detect very short-range ground-to-air threats as these current threats expose airforces to a dangerous ground-to-air threat, noted DGA.