C-UAS security and defence solutions provider Fortem Technologies has won a contract from the Department of Defense (DoD) to help counter and deter improvised threat networks.

Under the contract secured through the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), the company will provide artificial intelligence (AI) powered detection and mitigation solutions that will support DIU’s charter to counter improvised threats.

Fortem Technologies CTO Adam Robertson said: “Innovation is key for an ever-changing threat landscape.

“Fortem is proud to be a partner of the DoD as our DroneHunter platform, coupled with our SkyDome System, represents the most advanced, effective hunter drone in its class to protect against drone-enabled threats to national security.”

Earlier, DoD purchased various solutions from Fortem, including SkyDome, DroneHunter, DroneHangar and TrueView radar, for a layered C-UAS solution to address the military operations requirements.

Open-architecture Fortem solutions have been designed to be customised to integrate with existing systems.

They also address challenging requirements, including variables in terrain and environment, dynamic rules of engagement, as well as security threat escalation processes.

Fortem said that the company provides a number of technologies that can help protect military bases without having an impact on local communities.

The company’s TrueView radar is highly accurate, and its SkyDome is an adaptable AI System that digitises airspace and fuses TrueView and other networked sensor outputs to monitor any environment in 3D autonomously.

SkyDome can detect, evaluate and categorise airborne threats in real-time, anticipate vulnerabilities and alert personnel.

It can also achieve complete airspace awareness, adding a critical layer of air defence to any security framework.