Israel-based Elbit Systems has introduced a fifth generation aircraft technology for military pilots to conduct flights in poor weather and visibility conditions. 

The new technological vision suite is an integration of a sensor array, an Artificial Intelligence-powered mission computer and a helmet mounted display (HMD) system. It enables pilots to see through the body of the aircraft.

The aircraft technology enables pilots to engage in low-altitude flights with real-time, coloured and clear wide field view during day as well as night.

One of the elements of the suite X-Sight HMD system was recently introduced for helicopters. Its high-resolution video and binocular display give a clear view of the aircraft’s operational surroundings.

The suite is also integrated to an AI-powered mission computer which helps with real-time data fusion and machine learning of threats.

The third element of the suite is an integrated array of sensor systems including Xplore radar and BrightNite multi-spectral payload with both day and infra-red cameras for thermal vision.

Elbit Systems’ Xplore is a compact airborne radar that can be fixed onboard any aircraft. By displaying a synthetic picture of flight route terrain even in zero visibility, the radar provides alerts on threats.

Designed with an open architecture, the technological suite meets US military standards for hardware and software applications.

The new suite provides information through a wide range of sensors including thermal, radar and laser.

The sensors comprising BrightNite and Xplore radar is installed on the helicopter’s nose to give a wide view of the flight path.