Lockheed Martin‘s unit Derco has signed an agreement to become the sole and exclusive third-party distributor of Pratt & Whitney for the F100-PW-220/229 engine system.

This agreement is expected to provide increased material availability for F100 customers around the world.

The F100 engine of Pratt & Whitney F100 powers the Lockheed Martin-manufactured F-16 fighter aircraft.

The F-16 ‘Fighting Falcon’ is said to be the most successful, combat-proven multi-role fighter in the world.

Lockheed Martin training and logistics solutions vice-president and general manager said: “With 1,522 F-16s flying with Pratt & Whitney F100 engines in 21 countries, this agreement marks a significant step forward in aligning our organisations with a common goal of increasing support to the warfighter worldwide.”

Pratt & Whitney F100 senior director Kelly Young added: “We are excited to strengthen our global distribution network by partnering with Derco and working together to ensure the mission readiness of more than 2,000 F100-PW-220 and -229 engines that power aircrafts flown by 23 nations around the world.”

Earlier this week, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) received a firm-fixed-price contract to supply secure, advanced data storage systems for new-production F-16 aircraft.

Last month, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen unveiled a new centre dedicated to the maintenance of its F-16 fighter jets.

Taiwan signed an agreement to purchase 66 F-16 jets from Lockheed Martin amid escalating tensions between the US and China.

In July last year, Derco was selected to perform sustainment work for the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF) aircraft.