Lockheed Martin‘s Derco has recently sealed a 3-year authorised repair facility agreement with Collins Aerospace‘s wheel and brake division to bolster its maintenance capabilities, solidifying their decade-long collaboration.

This alliance cements Derco as the go-to source for wheels, brakes, and rotor brakes repair and overhaul on 11 key military platforms, promising improved turnaround times for military customers.

The 11 military platforms include the C-130, LM-100J, F-16, P-3, and U-2, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. This year, the USAF awarded a contract to Collins Aerospace for C-130 aircraft propeller supply, manufacturing, and engineering support.

The partnership between Lockheed Martin and Derco goes back to 2016 when both entities expanded an F-16 repair centre to expand its global supply chain services and support to F-16 operators worldwide. In the past, Lockheed Martin unit Derco has also been selected to perform sustainment work for the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF) aircraft.

The partnership is significant for both companies, enabling Derco to directly provide repair services to military customers on behalf of Collins Aerospace. Boasting FAA, EASA, and ISO certifications, Derco is well-equipped to conduct repairs, reducing component overhaul turnaround times while ensuring high OEM quality standards.

Jason Wiedoff, Repair Operations representative, lauded the decade-long cooperation between Derco and Collins Aerospace. “For more than ten years, Derco and Collins Aerospace have partnered to provide world-class service to operators,” said Jason Wiedoff, Repair Operations. “Through this partnership, Derco will continue to ensure that customers have OEM quality level repairs with an aftermarket level of service.”

By joining forces, Derco and Collins Aerospace are poised to streamline maintenance operations and enhance military operators’ overall customer service experience.