DEFCON AI has received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract through the US Air Force’s (USAF) AFWERX/Agility Prime programme.

The $1.2m contract has been awarded to support the continued development of the service’s operational-level mobility and logistics training software.

Received through DEFCON AI’s incubator Red Cell Partners, the contract will see enhancement of the company’s near-future capabilities to support the US Air Mobility Command (AMC).

AMC is a USAF’s major command as well as a component of the US Transportation Command.

The capability being developed by DEFCON AI for the AMC is a training and rehearsal software.

This platform will comprise a simulated and modelling environment that can create a digital replica of the AMC’s operational logistics network.

The tool can be used by personnel to support mission planning and training during a crisis or an emergency.

It can also be used to manage complex supply chains and mobility network disruptions that can occur due to potential adversaries’ manipulation or even natural disasters.

Furthermore, the new platform will provide a simulated mobility network. It can be accessed by AMC’s operational-level planners to see and analyse the downstream effects of decisions.

This facility can be leveraged by the AMC planners to compare different actions and replay scenarios, which, if useful, can later be adapted by them in a realistic situation of disruption. 

AMC Commander Initiative Group director colonel Bradley Rueter said: “Giving mobility planners, at all echelons, a way to better understand a future where disruptions are common (and multi-domain) will allow them to overcome those challenges with novel strategies or schemes of manoeuvre.”