British Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon jets have flown to Lithuania to commence the UK’s latest Nato Air Policing mission.

Based at RAF Lossiemouth, the six squadron aircraft are deploying to Šiauliai Air Force Base (AFB) in Lithuania.

The aircraft will conduct the mission along with the Spanish Air Force, which will deploy F-18 fighters.

The RAF is able to continue the core UK defence task and will support the NHS and other departments of the government during the pandemic.

RAF Officer Commanding 6 Squadron Wing Commander Matt D’Aubyn said: “This deployment is the latest RAF contribution to Nato Air Policing.

“As one of four front-line Squadrons at RAF Lossiemouth, we routinely conduct UK-based Quick Reaction Alert, on standby 24/7 to defend the Nation’s skies.

“The Nato Air Policing mission in the Baltics is very similar to UK QRA, and my pilots and supporting personnel are experienced operators when it comes to completing this sort of task.”

Other personnel across the service will augment the 6 Squadron detachment to form 135 Expeditionary Air Wing.

The Air Wing will consist of 150 personnel, equipped and trained to deliver this Nato Air Policing role.

135 Expeditionary Air Wing Commanding Officer Wing Commander Stu Gwinnutt said: “The RAF has been a regular guest of our Baltic hosts; this is the sixth time the UK has deployed on this air policing mission.

“During the operation we will be demonstrating Nato’s collective resolve and assurance for our eastern allies, as well as showing that the United Kingdom remains leading Nato member that is committed to Nato operations.”

The operation ensures that the UK and Lithuanian comply to Covid-19 precautions and countermeasure as per the guidelines enforced.