Seven countries have come together to release the Combined Space Operations (CSpO) Vision 2031 statement.

The nations include the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the UK.

The statement outlines a ten-year vision and communicates the CSpO initiative’s mission, guiding principles and objectives.

As part of the initiative, the countries pledged to act as responsible players when performing space-related defence operations, identify space sustainability challenges, along with threats posed by technological advances.

It will also address the need to be prepared to safeguard, defend and prevent conflict from increasingly hostile space programmes of other nations.

The partners will act in accordance with applicable international law.

The CSpO participants will also follow certain shared objectives to help realise the initiative’s vision and mission.

The objectives include unity of effort, space mission assurance, defence and protection, prevent conflicts.

To achieve these, the partners will focus on lines of effort (LOE) to develop and operate resilient, interoperable architectures; share intelligence and information; collaborate on strategic communications efforts; adopt responsible military behaviours in space; and improve command, control, and communications capabilities.

CSpO Principals had met in December last year and reaffirmed their nations’ support of the vision.

UK MOD Space Directorate director air vice-marshal Harvey Smyth said: “Through the sharing of intelligence, information, and training with allies and partners, we can be greater than the sum of our parts in our joint pursuit for a safe and secure space domain.

“Vision 2031 allows us to share the latest knowledge on policy, capabilities and operations, which will help us to deliver the Defence Space Strategy and strive to create a professional, highly skilled, and energised space community across defence.”