Cobham Mission Systems has secured subcontracts to support the German Air Force’s Quadriga Tranche 4 Eurofighter Typhoon fleet.

The company will equip the Quadriga Eurofighters with its chaff and flare dispenser equipment.

Cobham Mission Systems has over five decades of experience designing and developing military aircraft countermeasure equipment.

The company is the design authority for the Eurofighter Typhoon’s ‘defensive chaff and flare systems.’

Cobham noted that chaff and flares are key components of an ‘effective, integrated self-defence suite.’ These components help pilots to fulfil their missions and safely return to their respective base.

The company’s defensive aid systems include flare dispensers for off-board infrared-seeking missile countermeasures and chaff dispensers.

According to the company, these dispensers deploy particles to neutralise threats from radar-guided missiles.

Cobham Mission Systems weapons carriage and release vice-president Duncan Thorndike said: “These new orders will allow Cobham Mission Systems’ to support the build of 38 Tranche 4 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, which are vital to the European defence industry.

“Cobham Mission Systems has supported the Typhoon programme from the start and has provided essential equipment for more than 550 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft currently in service.

“We are proud to continue to deliver our proven, quality defensive aid components, including chaff and flare systems, for one of the most successful combat military aircraft serving European and international allied nations.”

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a foreplane delta-wing, beyond-visual-range, close air fighter aircraft with surface attack capability. It has ‘supercruise’ capability, which enables high-speed flight at sustained speeds of over Mach 1 without the use of an afterburner.

In February, Cobham’s aerial refuelling wing Cobham Mission Systems was sold to Eaton for $2.8bn.