Canada-based CMC Electronics has secured a contract from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to provide the KA-1 trainer aircraft fleet with modern avionics.

The KA-1 fleet of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) is used in advanced mission training and light attack missions.

Through the contract, KAI plans to provide the KA-1 fleet with cockpit upgrades.

For the modernisation project, CMC has proposed its PU-3000-built mission computer-based cockpit.

The PU-3000 is a certified multicore mission computer capable of hosting various avionics applications, thus decreasing equipment count and costs.

KAI Aircraft Procurement team deputy senior manager Jae Min Park said: “KAI is confident that the KA-1 avionics upgrade programme will be successfully completed in a timely manner adding vastly improved system performance and capabilities to the KA-1 aircraft.”

The computer’s embedded software applications facilitate the integration of several conventional multifunctional displays.

Further, the software development kit enables KAI to develop proprietary mission applications.

The avionics upgrades on the KA-1 trainer aircraft will emulate with those on modern fighter aircraft. It will help in providing better and faster training for pilots.

CMC Electronics Sales and Marketing vice-president Brad Nolen said: “This new contract is a timely and strategic development for all parties involved. 

“We believe that the upgraded KA-1 platform with a PU-3000-driven LAD interface will both increase aircraft availability and better prepare ROKAF pilots for their future modernised frontline fleet of KF-X fighters.”