Clearbox Systems has partnered with Kythera Space Solutions to offer a joint space and ground network control solution to address the future requirements of the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) SATCOM programme.

The strategic partnership will focus on providing a solution for the future SATCOM congested and contested environment.

The solution is expected to meet the ADF’s need for ‘dynamic, responsive, resilient communications’ to face future challenges.

Clearbox is the prime contractor for the ADF’s SATCOM ground control element.

The proposed solution combines Clearbox’s ground control systems and Kythera’s Dynamic Satellite Network Operating System.

Clearbox Systems executive director Jeremy Hallett said: “The ADF’s next generation SATCOM systems are increasingly complex, and ADF is rightly demanding solutions that provide flexibility and agility as well as resilience and redundancy.

“Kythera’s Dynamic Space Network Operating System enables us to meet these challenges head-on, providing ADF with unprecedented levels of dynamic, predictive, and responsive satellite service.”

The company stated that the solution will provide the customer with autonomous satellite operations capability.

Kythera Space Solutions CEO Dr Jeffrey Freedman said: “The ADF talks about needing to be able to build a next-generation SATCOM service capable of responding to mission changes and adverse changes in capability within minutes.

“This is exactly what Kythera’s Dynamic Space Network Operating System is designed to do. With Clearbox, we are able to orchestrate space network assets and ground network components in real-time for optimised mission performance under the most demanding circumstances.”

The Clearbox-Kythera solution has the ability to exploit the latest processor-enabled, High Throughput Satellites (HTS), and legacy in-orbit assets.

It will enable forces to have communications capability, while also ensuring continuous adaptability to evolving threats and mission needs.