Bundeswehr, the unified German Armed Forces, has upgraded its airports with Rohde & Schwarz air traffic control (ATC) radios.

Rohde & Schwarz has installed its R&S Series4200 and R&S M3SR Series4400 radios at more than 20 Bundeswehr airports and the service’s IT school.

The modernisation effort is intended to optimise operations at the locations, as well as streamline frequency planning and coordination nationwide.

It will also help meet European Commission requirements.

The project was carried out over the last two years and has seen the incorporation of the locations into the German Air Force’s digital Voice-over-IP (VOIP) infrastructure.

R&S Series4200 is the latest stationary software-defined radios designed for use by both the military and civil ATCs.

The radios are easy to use, require no maintenance and are flexible for system integration.

With the update, ATC operators can communicate with aircraft on VHF 8,33kHz channel spacing of the frequency bandwidth 117,975MHz-137,000MHz.

Rohde & Schwarz ATC Market Segment vice-president Constantin von Reden said: “The German Air Force has been using our communication systems for 40 years and has now modernised over 20 airports.

“Investments were also made in infrastructure and cable routes, where necessary.

“Antennas and lightning protection were upgraded in accordance with current standards.

“Soldiers present at the locations were enthusiastic about the professional and fast work of the Rohde & Schwarz team and its partners on-site.”