BAE Systems has unveiled its next-generation countermeasures dispenser system Smart D2 to ensure advanced threat protection for military aircraft.

The new threat management technology is capable of efficiently managing and deploying smart, expendable countermeasures, including multi-shot flares, active radio-frequency (RF) decoys, and kinetic interceptors, which help protect aircraft and crew members from existing and emerging threats.

Smart D2 uses the NATO-standard Smart Stores Communication Interface to offer a two-way communication between the dispenser and aircraft.

This approach equips the aircrews with critical inventory information and provides them with the ability to programme expendable, active decoys in real-time in order to enhance survivability against emerging threats.

The technology keeps track of the quantity, location, age and carriage life of each expendable on the aircraft.

“The Smart D2 system combines smart inventory management with a database of proven countermeasure combinations.”

It is also capable of deploying a customised mix of smart countermeasures designed to efficiently defeat specific threats.

BAE Systems Survivability, Targeting and Sensing Solutions vice-president and general manager Paul Markwardt said: “The Smart D2 system combines smart inventory management with a database of proven countermeasure combinations.

“The updated communications and inventory control in our Smart D2 system and its ability to work with current and future smart countermeasures provide aircrews with a more capable survivability solution that improves their ability to complete missions.”

Built on BAE’s ALE-47 airborne countermeasures dispenser system, the Smart D2 technology can be integrated with both existing and future warning systems, in addition to the company’s 2-Color advanced warning system (2C-AWS), onboard fixed-wing and rotary-wing military aircraft.