The US Air Force Installation Contracting Center (AFICC) has awarded a set of architect and engineering services contracts under the $2bn Architect-Engineer Next (AE Next) programme.

The contracts have been awarded by the 772nd Enterprise Sourcing Squadron (ESS) to support the USAF’s sustainment, restoration and modernisation initiative.

The AE Next programme comprises four contractor pools.

The Pool 4 contracts is a collaboration between the 772nd ESS, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC), Air Force Foreign Material Sales and the US Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM).

It would replace the ‘expired full and open portion of the AE13 design and construction services’ contract.

A total of 17 contracting companies will provide the USAF with services related to traditional design, construction inspection and other engineering work that support ‘mission-ready infrastructure’.

Air Force technical services division chief Tim Sullivan said: “We’re excited about the award as it is the large business portion of the AE Next contract vehicle.

“It’s the result of over two years of collaborative effort between AFCEC and our partners. We’ll continue to work together as we move to award the remaining three contract pools.”

Contracts involved under AFCEC will support design for construction at installations in the continental US, contingency construction, as well as Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) work.

AFCEC oversees the airforce military construction programme. The remaining three contracts in the AE Next programme will be awarded later this year.

Work includes ‘airfield infrastructure worldwide’ (Pool 1), ‘facilities across installations in the US’ (Pool 2) and ‘general infrastructure installation-wide across the US’ (Pool 3).