Czech aircraft manufacturer AeroVodochody has achieved a milestone in the aviation industry by successfully flying the first series-produced L-39NG aircraft.

The flight met the aerospace manufacturer’s expectations.

During the flight, the pilots tested the functions of the trainer aircraft within the scope of the standard factory sortie program. The L-39NG was tested for its behaviour within its normal operating envelope, and the first production flight lasted approximately 40 minutes.

The pilots verified the functions of the engine, aircraft systems, and avionics, as well as the handling and behaviour of the aircraft in all phases of flight, from take-off through aerobatics to landing. Testing was carried out in the range of altitudes from 0 to 8500 meters and speeds from stall to maximum (Mach number 0.8 or 900 km/h).

The first production L-39NG trainer is destined for a customer in Southeast Asia, in what seems to be Vietnam.

Hungary and the Czech Republic are the other customers who have ordered the aircraft. The company plans to increase its L-39NG production to 24 units per year within two years.

Other countries that have purchased the L-39 jet trainer in the past include Ghana and Bulgaria, which have either awarded contracts to Aero Vodochody for the modernisation of previous versions of the aircraft or new versions of the trainer jet.  

Other Czech companies are also involved in the production of the L-39NG, with over 60% of Aero’s suppliers being domestic companies. This is good news for the aerospace industry and the Czech defence’s indigenous development plans, as it creates new jobs and stimulates local production.

“The flight of the first production aircraft confirmed the readiness of the L-39NG for serial delivery to our customers.,” said Viktor Sotona, President and CEO of Aero of AeroVodochody. “The aircraft is a world leader in its class. In terms of design, flight characteristics, safety, avionics, and modern equipment, it is an excellent platform for training fourth and fifth generation fighter pilots.”

The L-39NG is a modern version of the L-39 Albatros, a famous jet trainer aircraft used by many air forces worldwide. The L-39NG has a modern engine, avionics, and weapons systems, making it an ideal platform for pilot training, light attack, and reconnaissance missions.