Czech aircraft company Aero Vodochody has commenced the pre-series production line of the new L-39NG military training aircraft.

According to the company, the production of a total of four units of the L-39NG aircraft has launched, while the first assembly for the fuselage and the wing are currently under construction.

To be constructed based on serial production standard, the first and the fourth aircraft are intended to be used for flight tests, the second jet for static tests, and the third unit for fatigue tests.

Aero Vodochody intends to carry out the first flight of the new pre-series L-39NG aircraft before the end of this year.

Aero Vodochody president Giorgio Giordo said: “Success of the new training aircraft would bring a great benefit not only to Aero Vodochody but also to the entire Czech aviation industry.

Giordo added: “Within the supply chain, about 40 Czech companies have been involved in the L-39NG development and production.

“The L-39NG programme will ensure thousands of job positions in Aero and in our suppliers.”

“After rump up of serial production, the L-39NG programme will ensure thousands of job positions in Aero and in our suppliers.”

Last year, the company completed selection of the major external suppliers, both international and national, for the development of the aircraft.

Aero Vodochody has received funding from the Czech Export Bank (CEB) for the L-39NG production. The L-39NG project partner Omnipol also contributes financially by 50% for the development and sales of the aircraft.

Based on the aerodynamic concept of the traditional L-39s, the upgraded L-39NG aircraft is designed as a unified and complex tool to ensure a comprehensive training of modern airforces.

It is equipped with an advanced FJ44-4M engine delivered with the TAP Blue maintenance system and five hardpoints for carrying weaponry.