scotty group

SCOTTY Group provides solutions and manufactures systems for beyond line-of-sight surveillance and communications.

The company is a specialist provider of suites that are easy-to-install, support various applications, and provides global satellite coverage. Systems are in-use on the ground, sea, and in the air with both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

SCOTTY provides solutions for live audio, video, data communication, live video surveillance, and imagery transfer over satellite for every possible environment and platform.

This package is used for crucial operations such as border control, surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering search-and-rescue, and other crucial missions.

SCOTTY provides the ability to transmit ISR imagery and data, in real-time back to HQ for instant analysis.
Because the satellite setup is fully duplex, the ground can interact with all airborne systems.
The SCOTTY ground station can be customised to customers' needs and is compatible to terrestrial, satellite, and LOS networks.
The SCOTTY Communication Platform makes it possible to transmit, communicate, and interact beyond line-of-sight from fixed and rotor aircraft.
SCOTTY’s expert staff routinely customise hardware and software to fulfill customers' needs. Above: GUI for SCOTTY’s BLOS blue-force tracking system.
SCOTTY provides portable, wheeled vehicles, and maritime systems, as well as airborne equipment.
SCOTTY also has extensive expertise in helicopter installations.

Real-time surveillance imagery and data transmission by satellite

IP-over satellite connectivity is provided by a flange-mounted SCOTTY Communication Platform (SCP) unit, the satellite modem, and antenna steering system and assembly.

SCP includes a hardware codec and processor, which can compress and transmit HD live video and stills, as well as any kind of digital imagery (such as SAR Radar), metadata (e.g. targeting information), position data, and any other information crucial to a mission.

Duplex connectivity for remote sensor control and voice comms

The SCOTTY system uses an IP over satellite service, providing a full duplex link for voice communications, interactive data activities (such as internet, moving map, and even video telecommunication), and remotely controlling the airborne sensors from the ground.

With SCOTTY, ground staff can talk to pilots and crew, manipulate the airborne sensors, and access data from on-board computers.

Ground stations to receive live airborne imagery

A SCOTTY ground station, which receives the live airborne imagery and data and provides ground staff with a backlink to the air, can either be installed into existing infrastructure or be used as a standalone system.

SCOTTY offers 19in rack-mounted components, portable complete systems, fly-away kits, and easy to move roll-around systems, which can all be customised to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, the SCOTTY ground receive system can be connected to standard IP networks, satellite systems, and line-of-sight (LoS) antennas.

Airborne communication units

The SCP is a DO160 certified flange-mounted unit designed for airborne use. It includes SCOTTY’s newest generation hardware coder / decoder and a processing unit working together to deliver superior full high-definition (HD) video and audio over satellite and other challenging networks with limited bandwidth and high latency.

HD video transmission is now possible even over L-Band satellite networks.

The SCP provides duplex video communication (VTC), one-way video streaming, and video recording through IP networks, with all these functions in parallel if needed.

The video resolution can be from 352px x 288px (CIF) to 1,920px x 1,080px (HD video) depending on the bandwidth available and the user settings, the user can choose between high-resolution and low frames per second (fps) or lower resolution and high fps.

The video teleconferencing application of the codec is based on the H.323 and SIP standards and compatible to any other H.323 system, even older systems.

Telemedicine, office-in-the-sky and customised applications

Because the SCP is so powerful and flexible, the SCOTTY offering can be used for various applications other than ISR. For example, in telemedicine, it provides vital signs data, patient interviews, access to databases, and evaluation of medical imagery is available from anywhere in the world is possible for medivac crews.

SCOTTY also offers a complete ‘office-in-the sky’ setup to VIP customers who can access the internet, communicate through voice, video and data at 35,000ft in the air with staff on the ground, as well as share and manipulate presentations and other PC applications.

The SCOTTY setup for these applications, as well as others, is of course customised in accordance to the customer’s exact needs.

Maritime, portable and ground vehicle solutions

SCOTTY also produces portable, wheeled vehicle, and maritime systems.

This equipment is compatible to each other and to the SCOTTY airborne systems, making complete theater coverage, air, land, and sea, possible. Ask SCOTTY for details.