Thales is proud to be onboard Eurocopter’s Tiger, the most versatile attack and armed reconnaissance helicopter available on the market. The Tiger, known in France and Spain as Tigre, is a multi-mission helicopter capable of carrying out day and night time missions in all-weather conditions.

The Tiger has additional capabilities compared to other attack helicopters. These include measures for armed reconnaissance and escort, destruction, anti-tank and fire support. The Tiger, of which France, Germany, Australia and Spain have ordered more than 200 models, has been in operation with the French Army in Afghanistan since August 2009. The strength of this platform’s operational performance in this theatre is paving the way for expansion into additional export markets.

The Tiger is fully equipped with Thales avionics and mission technology. These systems range from multi-function colour displays in the cockpit with FLIR, map and video images, to the TopOwl helmet-mounted sight display available on some variants, and to systems for flight and mission management, as well as for self-protection and firing.

View the attached document to find out more about Thales’s range of technology onboard Tiger helicopters, including:

  • Cockpits
  • Self-Protection and firing
  • Communication, Navigation, and Identification
  • Services, support

The Tiger is a high-performance technological platform through which Thales has demonstrated its expertise in cutting-edge avionics and mission systems.