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Robins Air Force Base

Robins Air Force Base (IATA code: WRB) is a US military air force base situated 29km away from Macon, Georgia. It is on


Military Air Force Base


Houston County, Georgia



Controlled By

United States


Robins Air Force Base (IATA code: WRB) is a US military air force base situated 29km away from Macon, Georgia. It is one of the largest industrial complexes in Georgia, featuring $3.2m replacement facilities.

The WRB is owned and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). It executes aircraft maintenance, repair, overhauling and other support activities.

History of Robins Air Force Base

Wellston, a town located 24km south of Macon, was chosen by the War Department in early 1930s to establish the Wellston Air Depot. The depot was built on an 8,800 acres site in August 1942. It was renamed as Warner Robins Army Air Depot in October 1942 in the honour of Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robins (father of logistics) who died from cardiac arrest in June 1940.

The depot was finally designated as Robins Air Force Base in February 1948. The 7th Logistic Support Squadron operating C-124 Globemaster was deployed at the base in October 1954 to accelerate the base’s services to the USAF units.

The 116th Fighter Wing which operates B-1 Lancer Bomber was migrated to the base in April 1996 and renamed 116th Bomb Wing (116 BW).

Design and construction of the air force base

“The depot was finally designated as Robins Air Force Base in February 1948.”

The US Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $55m contract to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in July 2008 to design and build a 93,000ft² advance metal finishing facility and a 29,000ft² ground support equipment facility at the base. The work is planned for completion in March 2012.

New South Construction signed a contractual agreement with WRB in July 2008 to build a 40,000ft² hangar for accommodating Marine Light Attack Helicopters.

The construction began in 2008 and was completed in June 2010.

Defence Logistics Agency awarded a $21.6m contract to RC Construction Company in September 2008 to construct a 165,000ft² general purpose warehouse comprising weather-sealed truck doors, loading / unloading docks, paved runways and robust aprons. The work is expected to be completed by 2011.

A 70,000ft² software support facility worth $19.4m is being built at the base to interconnect Buildings 226, 227 and 230 on Perry Street. A 61,020ft² aircraft component repair facility (ACRF) is being developed at a cost of $11.7m.

A $5.25m avionics facility for 116 BW will be built in the JSTARS (joint surveillance and target attack radar system) area. A 13,800ft² command post facility will be developed at the base. A 70,000ft² commissary is being built at a cost of $15.8m. A $1.2m dog kennel will be built by renovating the existing 1,820ft² facility near Luna Lake.

A 40,375ft² Marine Corps reserve centre will be developed beside Taxiway 1 at a cost of $20.2m. A cargo aircraft hangar will be constructed at a cost of $24.1m at the end of Taxiway C to conciliate C-130 and C-17 transport aircraft.

Garrison facilities at Robins Base

The WRB serves as the headquarters for Warner Robins Air Logistics Centre (WR-ALC), 78th Air Base Wing (78 ABW), 330th Aircraft Sustainment Wing (330 ASW), 402nd Maintenance Wing (402 MW), 542nd Combat Sustainment Wing (542 CSW), 116 BW and 689th Combat Communication Wing (689 CCW).

The 78 ABW is organised into three groups, namely the 78th Civil Engineer Group, 78th Mission Support Group and 78th Medical Group to perform logistics readiness, civil engineering, security, mission support, contracting and comptroller operations.

The 402 MW is classified into five groups: 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group, 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group, 402nd Electronics Maintenance Group, 402nd Maintenance Support Group and 402nd Software Maintenance Group. The wing maintains the depot, builds software and endorses engineering to major armament systems in F-15 Eagle, C-5 Galaxy, C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

Other squadrons deployed at the base include 78th operations support squadron, 78th comptroller squadron, air force reserve command, 94th aerial port squadron and 339th flight test squadron.

Air facilities, runway and aircraft accommodation

The Robins Air Force base features a single runway paved with Porous European Mix (PEM). The length and width of the runway are 3,657m and 91.4m respectively.

The base can accommodate a variety of aircraft including the C-5B Galaxy, C-130 Hercules, U-2 Dragon Lady, C-17, E-8C JSTARS, Global Hawk, C-141 Starlifter and C-27J.

Other facilities at the Georgia base

The WRB offers logistic support, temporary lodging, accommodation, recreation, base chapel, medical care and child care facilities.

“The WRB is owned and operated by the United States Air Force.”

It features 807 government-owned family houses and 670 private housing units to accommodate the military personnel.

The operations of the C-27J schoolhouse commenced at the base in September 2008. The schoolhouse boasts training classrooms, a computer learning centre, auditorium with high resolution audio-visual payload and flight operations area.

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