Safety and suitability

Provision of services for the safety clearance and carriage of weapon systems for land, sea and air vehicles using bespoke environmental data gathering instrumentation systems (vibration, shock, strain, temperature, pressure). This also includes evaluating safe-life of munitions and defensive aids. All instrumentation is certified and proven for full flight with continuous recording capability.

Structural characterisations support the qualification, role change and platform life extension through modal analysis and finite element modelling. Tailored test severities are generated. Sensors with multiple data channels enable perfect data collection and analysis.

Projects include the Typhoon, Tornado and F-35 and involved projects that include 1,000lb requalification, Defensive Aid Suite (DAS) environment characterisation and munitions life assessments on various platforms. Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) works closely with the UK’s Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG), Defence General Munitions team (DGM), International Guns, Missiles and Rockets – Free Fall Weapons team (IGMR) and other key industry stakeholders toward optimum safe life for munitions.

CAeS provide comprehensive data gathering trials, experimental modal analysis, dynamic similarity testing and finite element modelling ensure that your latest developments are translated into safe and reliable systems. We conduct parametric studies to support the generation of tailored tests for your system and can design a fully encompassing test programme to suit your requirements. CAeS has a small in-house vibration test facility designed and manufactured by our team for small-scale items that need testing.

All aircraft structure have several mechanical resonances arising from its mass and stiffness, including the stiffness of any joints. These can result in excessive vibration if they coincide with frequencies associated with the aircraft such as the main propeller blade passing frequency.

CAeS has extensive experience in performing ground vibration tests (GVT) across all aircraft platforms and analysis has ranged from full aircraft surveys to the identification and mitigation of resonance frequencies. We offer compliant, low-risk comprehensive analysis and provide reports describing trials and results in detail.

Advanced Data Logging Technology

CAeS offers optimum munition life analysis with minimum disruption using its Air Countermeasure Data Logger (ACDL) family, which are designed to help provide optimum air carriage life for equipment in operational scenarios. Their performance is suited to applications where high-fidelity vibration and temperature data measurement solutions are required.

ACDL are self-contained loggers that can measure vibration and temperature data at a designated location using external sensors, while some have been developed to enable direct measurement of vibration and temperature environments.

Although these devices are ideally suited for use in flare dispensers, fixtures allow them to be affixed to a wide range of vehicles, while adapters allow them to be used in most defensive aids suites. They are certified for airborne applications (F100A) and proven in the field on high-speed aircraft, helicopters and UAS vehicles.

Our experience and independence from major defence contractors qualifies us to provide high-quality, highly responsive independent technical evaluation (ITE) services to project teams. CAeS operates an ISO: 9001 quality management system and is a DAOS-approved organisation.