cross gate

The Barrett 2063 HF-VHF Cross Gate provides seamless transfer of information from a Barrett VHF network onto a Barrett HD network without any operator interruption.

The fully autmated switching reduces the time it takes to rebroadcast mission-critical information. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of communication errors and allows commanders in strategic locations to talk to their deployed assets directly.

A typical field scenario would involve a mobile command vehicle receiving information from deployed troops over a VHF communications system. If this information needs to be passed to a higher headquarters, it would be transmitted using the HF radio link. Any response back from the higher command to the deployed troops would then go through the same procedure in reverse.

Main features

  • Interoperability between Barrett HF and Barrett VHF communications systems
  • Allows deployed troops to communicate directly with far distant command-and-control centres
  • Reduces delays in communicating time-critical information