Aviation Instrument Technologies, Inc. (AITI) has the right team and equipment to design and manufacture any part or component that your project needs. Our engineering capabilities consist of mechanical, electrical and software and will ensure that our clients manufacturing needs are met with the highest degree of standards. We have many manufacturing partners globally to ensure cost-effective global distribution.

AITI is a full service provider, accommodating high-quality prototyping and offering assembly, reverse engineering, moulding, several finishing processes, and heat treating. Our in-house manufacturing facility can accommodate small, medium and large manufacturing runs.

We hold high standards when it comes to quality control. Our production team test and ensure the function of each and every component or part that comes through our facilities, meaning 100% is checked and tested before leaving our doors. There is a multi level of checkpoints that our manufacturing process goes through. High-quality ensurance is done at the manufacturing plant then again within the production process before packaging. Our factory is designed as a lean, integrated manufacturing operation with the latest technologies; enabling us to maximise efficiencies in material flow and production processing while adhering to our rigid quality standards.

With systems becoming increasingly complex, electronic components and sensors must be manufactured to precise tolerances to eliminate errors. Whether it be custom electronics, military simulator components, LED displays, or aviation instrumentation, AITI premium quality range instills confidence at every level of the market. Our part manufacture facility ensures that products meet the highest quality standards.

AITI delivers unparalleled skill within industry by designing and manufacturing parts using the latest technologies. We have worked with and produced software and hardware for companies such as, Lockheed Martin, The Boeing Company, and Northrup Grumman. We have even designed and installed custom instrumentation for NASA.

The AITI Quality solution for design and contract parts manufacturing helps you gain a comprehensive view of the factory operation to identify production issues earlier and resolve them quicker. AITI core strength and value lies in the fact that our quality control procedures are the most thorough in the industry. Our highly trained team oversees the entire parts manufacturing process from design to production with a quality systems checklist that ensures products meet their intended requirements, and aid in timely and accurate completion of customer orders.

AITI offers complete in-house quality control inspection capabilities to assure our customers that the product meets their specifications. Our quality assurance team can manage engineering changes, guide further cost reduction initiatives and troubleshoot any issues should they arise.