Oerlikon Skyguard 3 Air Defence System

The Oerlikon Skyguard® 3 Air Defence System is the third generation of the legendary Skyguard air defence product line.

With its two 35mm Oerlikon Twin Gun® GDF009, it is optimised for the protection of stationary high value assets such as air fields, bridges, industrial installations and military command and control centres.

Its main purpose is the effective area and point defence against all types of air threats, including cruise missiles and high speed missiles with small radar cross section, as well as medium and low level aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s attacking by day and by night and under all weather conditions. In addition, the system features high-mobility and is easy to deploy and to operate.

Skyguard combines state-of-the-art target detection, tracking sensors, sophisticated fire control and ballistic computation with the twin guns’ accuracy and high rate of fire of up to 1,100 rounds per minute.

Firing Rheinmetall’s well-known Ahead air burst ammunition, it can take out even the smallest targets and provides excellent saturation resistance due to the large number of ready-to-fire ammunition rounds.