Trelleborg supplies a broad range of aerospace grade, high purity, lightweight glass and ceramic microspheres with uniform wall thicknesses and consistent-sized distributions that can be tailored to requirements.

New-generation microspheres are being manufactured to improve flame retardation in composite compounds, reduce the detectability of aircraft by radar, protect delicate electronic components, decrease vibration in jet engines and reduce paint weight.

Eccospheres®, high-performance hollow glass microspheres are helping to reduce aircraft weight. Eccospheres® have a high temperature resistance, good density to strength ratio and low thermal conductivity.

Eccospheres® can be incorporated into a wide range of polymer and resin systems and can replace or combine with other materials to create composites.

Trelleborg manufactures four standard grades of Eccospheres® that exhibit unique properties to meet your needs. The four grades include the IG series, the FTD series, the SI series and the SID series.

The IGD series exhibits a clean surface chemistry and offers customers a lower cost, industrial grade option. The FTD series exhibits a clean ion-exchanges surface that ensures compatibility with almost any resin system. The SI series exhibits a clean surface chemistry with a reduced alkali content ensuring compatibility with most resin and surface coating systems. The SID series exhibits a clean surface chemistry with improved strength.

High strength ensures survival of the sphere when subjected to aggressive processing. This series has the highest strength to weight ratio.

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