At Aviation Instrument Technologies, Inc. (AITI) we provide our clients with the most reliable, efficient transportation solutions at local, national and global levels. Whether you need delivery across the state or worldwide, we are able to handle the logistics of distribution for our clients. AITI designs and manufactures state of the-art aircraft instruments, multi-functional displays and audio control systems integral to flight and vehicle simulators used by the defence, aviation, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Our manufacturing services are closely integrated with our design engineering capabilities to provide a one-stop solution. Part of that solution is inventory, logistics and freight support.

AITI can create, maintain, update, and document an inventory control process that is customised to our clients’ individual needs. We can personalise, adapt, and scale an inventory control process, provide customised reports for inventory validation, as well as warehouse and distribute inventory as required in a timely fashion.

Our freight support will make the import and export process convenient and seamless due to our ability to provide front door service. AITI will secure the transportation space, gather necessary paperwork, clear the manufactured goods and arrange the final delivery. We here at AITI will select intelligent transportation decisions by sea, air or land to produce economical solutions that meet the delivery time frame.