i-SPEED 220-221

The i-SPEED 220 and i-SPEED 221 represent the first cameras in a class of small footprint, easy-to-use, low-cost and very high-resolution cameras.

A high-resolution, 1,600 x 1,600 CMOS fast-transfer sensor allows the imagery of minute details even when zoomed in. The maximum full frame rate of 600fps, with both a global exposure shutter and optional G-shock housing, makes this a true professional high-speed camera ideal for microscopy, robotics, auto-crash testing, graphics inspection, 3D biomechanics, sports and web inspection.

The i-SPEED 220 / 221 cameras fit in a briefcase, consume little power and create high-quality images that can be zoomed and analysed. Image transfer is simple via Ethernet.

The one-hour battery that comes standard on the model 221 coupled with a standard laptop make this camera ideal for untethered portable field work. Add a layer of rugged durability with the optional Hi-G shock package.