Simpro has extensive experience with surface mount components. With state-of-the-art production equipment and highly skilled employees, we are able to undertake the production of just about everything from prototypes to large series.

Our SMT production lines handle components from 0201 size ( ca.0.6mm × 0.3mm ) and up to 90mm x 30mm. Simpro has two independent SMT assembly lines optimised for low to medium volume production, of which the latest was installed in autumn 2011. The total theoretical assembly rate (IPC-9850) for the two lines are approximately 150,000 components per hour.

All PCB are laser-marked with unique manufacturing ID and 2D bar code, ensuring traceability through all stages of production.

Simpro has two automatic optical inspection (AOI) machines, one integrated into the SMT assembly line and the other as a standalone station. The use of AOI allow detection and correction before soldering, together with inspection of the soldered PCA.


Simpro uses nitrogen when doing selective and wave soldering. Upon request, nitrogen will be used in connection with Re-flow soldering.

IPC Class 3 production

Upon request, Simpro provides IPC Class 3 production, according to the following:

  • Workmanship
  • Workmanship + documentation
  • Workmanship + documentation + traceability

All our operators are certified according to J-STD 001 IPC-A Class 3.