The Simpro Assembly Department handles everything from hand soldering to final assembly. Simpro has two flexible, manual assembly lines with a total length of 25m for rational.

  • Assembly of components
  • Production of cables
  • Assembly of modules
  • Final assembly of complete product
  • Manual inspection and control
  • Replacement of parts and repairs.

Simpro has equipment for soldering all component types including BGA.

For automatic soldering through-hole components Simpro have two selective soldering machines and a newly acquired wave soldering machine.

Conformal Coating System

Simpro has a new Selective Conformal Coating System. In addition to selective conformal coating on the PCA, the machine can also be used for automatic dispensing of Glue  and Potting. The system ensure a uniform quality,  streamlines the process and improves health and safety for the operator.