wolfSSL, provider of the most popular embedded cryptography with over 2 Billion devices secured, has support for a complete RTCA DO-178C DAL A certification. wolfSSL offers DO-178 wolfCrypt as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for connected avionics applications. Adherence to DO-178C DAL A is supported through the DO-178C wolfCrypt certification data package (CDP) initial release that includes traceable artifacts for the following encryption and authentication algorithms:

• SHA-256 for message digest.
• AES for encryption and decryption.
• chacha20_poly1305 for authenticated encryption and decryption.
• RSA to sign and verify a message

Additionally, the following algorithms are being added in our CDP offerings:

• SHA-384 for message digest.
• HMAC (SHA-256 or SHA-384) for hash-based message authentication.
• HASH-DRBG SHA-256 for deterministic random bit generators.
• AES CMAC for cipher-based message authentication code.
• ECC sign, verify and shared secret.

The primary goal of the initial release was to provide the proper cryptographic underpinnings for secure boot and secure firmware update in commercial and military avionics. wolfSSL brings trusted, military-grade security to connected commercial and military aircraft. Avionics developers now have a flexible, compact, economical, high-performance COTS solution for quickly delivering enhanced, secure communications that can be readily certified to DO-178. In addition, any of the FIPS 140-2 validated crypto algorithms can be used in DO 178 mode for combined FIPS 140-2/DO 178 consumption. The wolfCrypt cryptography library has been FIPS 140-2 validated (Certificate’s #2425 and #3389).

Optimization Support

We understand that securely rebooting avionic systems has rigorous performance requirements. As such, we’re here to help with cryptographic performance optimizations through our services organization.

Release Plan

• Basic crypto for secure boot and secure firmware updates – Q1, 2020
• wolfBoot Secure Boot – Q4, 2021
• wolfDTLS – Q4, 2021
• wolfMQTT – Q4, 2022