Hardware Agnostic Mission System Software to Power Today’s Multi-Role ISR Solutions

AIMS-ISR plugin technology makes every step of a mission efficient and seamless. It can be integrated with any sensor for maximum flexibility across all platforms and mission types.

The solution enables users to plan missions with interactive geo-referenced Moving Maps for planning, execution, and review of ISR mission data. It also allows the gathering of important data quickly and accurately with control of primary and secondary mission sensors, including Radar, EO/IR, ViDAR, AIS and more.

Users can share and communicate mission information effectively between all members of an operation for rapid decision-making when every second counts. With every mission being unique and complex, operators around the globe rely on AIMS-ISR to ensure maximum operation efficiency.

The Multi-Mission Radar feature enables users to detect and track multiple targets across large areas directly in the Local Operating Picture (LOP) with full multi-mission radar support. Having the radar fully integrated with the LOP allows compact interfaces with a minimum sensor operating crew of just one, resulting in unmatched situational awareness & cost savings.