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Abrasion Resistant Materials

Advanced Composite Materials

Abrasion resistant materials

Trelleborg manufactures a wide range of erosion materials that protect components from extreme environmental conditions in terms of surface protection and extended in-service life. They are specified for leading edge of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft applications and can be used on modern composite constructions, as well as wooden propeller blades.

Trelleborg’s Abrasion Resistant Materials have exceptional substrate protection, specifically developed to withstand extremely adverse operating conditions. Excellent performance characteristics, outstanding abrasive, tear and tear propagation resistance with an extremely low compression. Very versatile and are available in either a cast sheet formulation or a customised molded part. Engineering or CAD software support available on request to ensure parts are manufactured to specification.

These materials can be used on modern composite constructions, as well as the traditional wooden propeller blades. They are specified for leading edge of aircraft applications, as well as on hovercraft propellers where the ‘salt and sand’ environment is extremely challenging and can cause rapid wear problems on inadequately protected surfaces.

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