The US Air Force (USAF) has announced the stand up of a new 12-member Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to address the digital needs across the Air and Space Force enterprise.

The new office was established by the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) and falls under the AFMC Engineering and Technical Management Directorate.

It will be responsible for developing a digital governance structure and managing current and new digital transformation activities.

James Kyle Hurst will be appointed to serve as new DTO branch chief. He is also director of the Digital Engineering Enterprise Office, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Hurst said: “This office is the first organization that will stand-up from an enterprise-wide perspective to address digital needs with a long-term perspective in mind.

“Though the office sits at AFMC, it will have a perspective for the entire Department of the Air Force acquisition community and encompass activities from research and development to fielding, sustainment and beyond … the entire cradle-to-grave of lifecycle management.”

The 12 DTO positions have been created to support innovation and modernisation efforts across the service, including software innovation factories, such as AFWERX, the Advanced Battle Management System and more.

Last year, AFMC officially launched its Digital Campaign that is intended to provide access to the latest information technology and data required for weapons-system development and accelerate rapid and smart delivery of capabilities to troops

Hurst added: “This office will look across all of those teams and activities to facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned across the entire department. We will focus on the enablers that will help the programme … the ‘this is what you want to do, and here’s how you can do it’ aspect.”