The US Space Force (USSF) has established its third and final field command Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM).

The ceremony to establish STARCOM was held at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs.

During the ceremony, STARCOM deltas, the five subordinate O-6 commands, were also activated.

The move comes after the US Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall approved the final organisational structure for STARCOM’s establishment earlier this month.

STARCOM will be responsible for preparing combat-ready USSF forces to fight and win in a contested environment. It will focus on the development, education and training of space professionals, as well as devising space combat doctrine, tactics and techniques.

Chief of Space Operations general John W Raymond said: “Today marks a significant milestone for the USSF.

“The stand-up of STARCOM is a critical step in aligning education, training, and test and evaluation units under one command, in support of the nation’s newest military Service.

“With our three field commands and commanders now in place, we continue to transition from inventing the force to integrating it, with a targeted focus on developing combat-ready space forces and delivering critical space warfighting capabilities to joint and coalition forces.”

The command will be headed by brigadier general Shawn N Bratton.

Bratton said: “As space capabilities have evolved over the decades from novelty to nicety to necessity, so has the need to have a military service focused on the space domain that is supported by a command dedicated to developing space professionals.

“The bottom line is that STARCOM will prepare every guardian to prevail in conflict through innovative warfighting capabilities and tactics that keep USSF ahead of any emerging threat.”