The US Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) has created the Air Force Commission and Enlistment Portal (AFCEP) to recruit forces online due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The recruitment service has been planning to rely on the digital process, and the recent outbreak of the virus has accelerated the switch.

To reach recruiters, AFRS’ digital platform AFCEP is expected to shorten the time of potential new recruits and help them with digitally uploading their information on the required portal.

The new portal provides the candidate with the ability to fill out their own information. The programme has reached the field and training has commenced.

US Air Force Recruiting Service Total Force Infrastructure Support Systems superintendent master sergeant Carlton Carpenter said: “Applicants will be able to see what they are missing. What they need to fix, providing an additional bit of stake in their future.

“It will also relieve the recruiter’s 60-plus minutes of time spent creating these documents then reviewing them for errors.”

The digital recruiting process aims to cut down on errors and reduce the delays as part of the security investigation.

This process allows the creation of personnel files, which provides the recruiter and applicant an opening to review and check the status of the records.

Carpenter added: “Most importantly, this is about taking care of our airmen, giving time back to our recruiters and allowing the applicant to fill out their own application. Recruiters have a very hard job, and this will allow them to be more efficient with their time.”

While the timeline for AFCEP began long before Covid-19 was a global pandemic, there were a few approvals needed before the programme could be rolled out.