Saab has received regulatory approval from the UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA) to provide digital tower technology for the UK Armed Forces.

The company has been accredited under UK MAA’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) Equipment Approved Organisation Scheme (AAOS).

Saab’s digital tower is a next-generation technology that will provide a scalable solution for a broad range of air traffic issues.

The technology builds on the company’s visual presentation, video processing and automation solutions.

Saab digital air traffic solutions CEO Per Ahl said: “This is an important step for us to support the UK MOD with the expansion of digital towers.

“We are proud to have the only accredited solution that complies with their regulations.”

Established in April 2010, UK MAA is a defence aviation safety authority, recognised for its risk-based safety focus.

The authority’s approvals division maintains and manages a range of approval schemes, along with technical and operational activities for both individual and organisational purposes.

According to the AAOS, Saab can now produce, supply and install ATM equipment for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) customers under the Regulatory Article (RA) 1027.

The RA 1027 states that ATM equipment organisations contracted by the UK MoD should receive approval from MAA and comply with its regulatory publications.

The article further demonstrates the responsibilities of ATM equipment organisations contracted by the UK MoD.

According to Saab, the AAOS approval comes after working with the UK MMA for a year.

Furthermore, the company also received approval from Civil Aviation Authority in 2018.

The company’s digital air traffic solutions have also achieved ISO certifications 9001, 14001 and 27001.