Israeli defence company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has completed the development of I-Derby Extended Range (ER) air-to-air missile’s ground-based air defence version.

Earlier this week, the company concluded a test series to evaluate the missile’s capabilities in southern Israel.

During testing, Rafael performed a ground launch of the missile and assessed capabilities such as command and control, navigation and flight trajectory.

According to Rafael, the completion of these tests marks a major milestone in I-Derby ER’s development.

The I-Derby ER advanced active radar missile was introduced at the Paris Air Show 2015. It is the newest and most advanced of Rafael’s electromagnetic air-to-air missiles.

It features an active radar seeker and a dual pulse rocket motor, which provides an operational range of up to 100km.

The I-Derby ER missile incorporates the company’s software-controlled radar seeker.

Rafael Air and Missile Defense Systems division head brigadier general Pini Yungman said: “Rafael has been Israel’s national home of air-to-air missiles since the country’s founding, when we developed Israel’s very first air-to-air missile, Shafrir.

“Ever since, Rafael has excelled in the development of various air-to-air missiles, many of which are in operational use today by the IDF and airforces worldwide.

“This week, we completed a series of tests in the development of the I-Derby missile in its latest version, ER, which allows for beyond visual range (BVR) launches over 100km.

“This is a key milestone in the development of a missile with some of the most advanced capabilities, giving it significant interception advantages in air-to-air battles, as well as ground-to-air air defence applications. These achievements provide significant air superiority to the fighter pilot or the air defence commander.”