The Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) is planning to acquire FMU-139 electronic bomb fuses for operational use beginning in 2013, lieutenant colonel Yoon Young-sam said.

Defense News quoted the official as saying that the procurement would be carried out in stages either domestically or overseas.

The FMU-139 is an electronic impact/impact delay fusing system designed for use by the US Navy and Air Force in the MK80 series and M117 high-explosive bombs.

The new fuses will replace the existing aging mechanical M-904/905 fuses.

Local ammunition manufacturers Poongsan and Hanwha Corporation are competing to supply the fuses.

The ROKAF has more than 10,000 bombs, including MK82 general purpose bombs and BLU109 penetration bombs, which are carried by F-4, F-5, KF-16 and F-15K aircraft.

About 1,200 Joint Direct Attack Munition bombs aboard F-15Ks and KF-16s are currently equipped with electrical fuses.