The Polish Ministry of National Defense has shortlisted France-led consortium Eurosam and Raytheon to compete for a multi-billion dollar contract to build a medium-range air and missile defence (AMD) system.

The proposals submitted by the Israeli Government and the MEADS consortium led by Lockheed Martin were rejected, Agence France Presse reported citing an MND statement.

"Raytheon is offering Patriot air defence system, while Eurosam is competing with the Aster SAMP/T system."

The state-owned Polish Defence Holding (PHO) will collaborate with the winning bidder, who will be announced by the end of this year.

The Wisla programme is estimated to cost PLN24bn ($7.9bn) over ten years.

Raytheon is offering Patriot air defence system, while Eurosam, a consortium of Thales and MBDA, is competing with the Aster sol-air moyenne portée terrestre (SAMP/T) system for the contract.

Poland had originally planned to announce the winning contractor in 2015, but accelerated the tender in the wake of crisis in the neighbouring Ukraine.

The production of the AMD system is planned to be completed in multiple stages by 2022, reported Reuters.

The central European Nato member is planning to spend PLN140bn ($45.9bn) on the upgrade of its military over the next ten years.

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