The Philippine Air Force’s (PAF) 220th Airlift Wing (AW) is set to upgrade the avionics system of three of its C-130 military transport aircraft.

The upgrade is part of the ongoing modernisation programme of the AW and is in line with PAF’s Flight Plan 2028.

The project is expected to strengthen the AW's airlift operations, especially when the demand is more for the use of C-130 aircraft in the international airspace.

220th AW commander, colonel Stephen N Parreño PAF (GSC), has also expressed support for this project, which seeks to develop airlift capability that is compliant to international standards.

Under the programme, the improvements to be provided range from analogue to digital, integration of glass cockpit, and use of touchscreen displays.

"The project is expected to strengthen the AW's airlift operations."

As part of the upgrade project, the Requirement Definition Technical Working Group (TWG) assessed the avionics maintenance system of the three C-130 aircraft.

The TWG members conducted aircraft configuration assessment, discussed the mission requirements and obsolescence issues, and identified the requirements needed for training and maintenance.

To check whether the aircraft would be compatible after modification, a site survey was performed by the TWG members inside the AW’s hangar, including at the avionics and aerospace ground equipment shops.

Personnel from the Office of Directorate of Logistics and 470th Maintenance Support Group carried out an extensive evaluation of the proposed enhancement and presented it to the TWG members.