F-35 JSF

Kongsberg Defence Systems has secured two orders worth NOK135m ($17.85m) to deliver structural components for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

The first order includes the supply of structural parts to Northrop Grumman for the Center Fuselage of the aircraft for production Lot 10. This order is in conjunction with the ongoing frame agreement with Northrop.

On the other hand, the second order will see the delivery of main landing gear panels (MLG) to Lockheed Martin for production Lots 10 and 11. The MLG panels are built using composite materials. They form structural parts of the aircraft.

Kongsberg Defence Systems executive vice-president Terje Bråthen said: "These contracts demonstrate Kongsberg’s continued competitiveness of high-end manufacturing.

"We are particularly pleased that new scope of work can be captured on F-35 in competition with international suppliers."

The company will be the single source producer for the MLG parts.

The sales potential for delivery of MLG panels for the entire programme is expected to be about NOK1bn ($132.2m), which is in addition to the NOK15bn ($1.98bn) sales potential of the existing F-35 scope of work associated with delivery of structural parts for the aircraft.

Kongsberg has received orders worth more than NOK700m ($92.59m) for the delivery of structural parts to the F-35 aircraft so far.

In April this year, Kongsberg received a contract to modernise the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s (RNoAF) national advanced surface-to-air missile system (NASAMS).

Under the terms of NOK168m ($20.7m) contract, the company will supply and integrate communications equipment into the NASAMS air defence system.

Image: Kongsberg will deliver structural parts and MLG for the production of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. Photo:

courtesy of Lockheed Martin.