Israel has taken delivery of the Patriot long-range, all-altitude, all-weather air defence radar system from Germany to fill potential gaps in Israeli air defence coverage capabilities and aid strategic cooperation expansion.

The radar was borrowed by Israel on a cost-free loaner basis as its PAC-2 force AN/MPQ-53 radars are currently undergoing a three to four-year $15m refurbishment in the US, according to Defense News.

The loaner radar will remain in service with Israel until the completion of the upgrade programme and the redeployment and integration of all Israeli radars with other elements of the Air Force’s Air Defence Force.

Germany previously provided Israel with two Patriot PAC-2 batteries from Luftwaffe stocks in 2003.

The Israeli Air Force is also pursuing a $60m Config-3 programme with Raytheon to enable operation of its existing PAC-2 force with PAC-3 intercepting batteries.