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Good Technology has partnered with the US Air Force (USAF) to support the secure roll-out of mobile devices with the Good for Enterprise secure mobile email and collaboration suite.

Covering deliveries of approximately 10,000 devices, including smartphones and tablets, the roll-out represents part of a multi-phased programme, aimed at advancing the air force’s mobile capabilities.

US Air Force Space Command chief technology officer William Marion II said the service seeks to offer the solutions required for improvement of mission productivity and operational capabilities through the existing IT infrastructure.

”Empowering Airmen with the right mission tools, regardless of location, is critical,” Marion added.

Good Technology Worldwide Public Sector vice president Christopher Roberts said the company aims to support both real transformation and new, critical efficiencies, while delivering savings to the tax payer.

The Good for Enterprise technology enables airmen to use the Apple operating system and Android tools to access email, calendar, contacts, documents, and certain applications, while also safeguarding and keeping all air force data separate from personal data and applications, using a containerised approach.

Capable of keeping official data encrypted at all times, the technology allows personnel to use non-work related applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, in compliance with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) social media policies, without putting any sensitive data at risk.

An integrated device and application management is also present in the technology, which provides administrators with the ability to enforce security policies, including password requirements and jailbreak/rooted device detection, as well as allowing them to manage secure third-party and internally-developed applications.

Using the technology, USAF IT personnel will also be able to quickly and comprehensively track or wipe data from any lost or stolen devices at the application level.

Image: The US Air Force is planning to provide 10,000 mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets to servicemen. Photo: Courtesy of Capt. James Williams III, NETCOM.

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