France has intensified its air strikes on the IS strongholds in Syria in retaliation to the deadly terror attacks in Paris that killed more than 130 people.

The country, which has been a part of the US-led coalition, has been attacking Syrian targets for months. But the biggest attacks, targeting IS hub Raqqa, began on Sunday. A munitions depot and a training camp were targeted among others.

The Defense Ministry was quoted by Reuters as saying: "The raid including 10 fighter jets, was launched simultaneously from the UAE and Jordan.

" The raid including 10 fighter jets, was launched simultaneously from the UAE and Jordan."

"Twenty bombs were dropped."

More than 130 were killed and several injured in multiple terror attacks that rocked Paris on Friday last.

Investigators have identified a Belgian man as the mastermind behind the carnage, while a few French nationals and Syrian refugees are suspected to be involved.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters that the abject attacks were prepared abroad and mobilised a team in Belgium that benefited from help in France.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Belgian now sheltered in Syria, is suspected to be the mastermind behind the attack.

An Islamist terror cell concentrated in Brussels is said to have carried out the attack. The Brussels police claimed to have arrested seven suspects.

A 29-year-old French national, Omar Ismail Mostefai is the only attacker to have been officially identified so far.

According to media reports, Turkey claimed that it has alerted France twice since December 2014 about suicide bomber Mostefai. He entered Turkey in 2013 but there is no record of him coming out of the country.