KC-135 simulator

Canadian manufacturer of simulation technologies CAE has received a series of contracts with a combined value of $140m to manufacture new simulators, as well as support and upgrade existing simulators of multiple air forces.

CAE USA alone secured $85m worth contracts, which also include options valued at an additional $50m over the next five years.

CAE Military Products and Training and Services Group president Gene Colabattisto said the contracts with multi-year options enhance the company’s visibility in an otherwise hard-to-predict defence market.

”We have been increasingly focused on long-term training services contracts in the United States and around the world, which give our business greater predictability, and we see a solid pipeline of opportunities globally," Colabattisto said.

"CAE USA alone secured $85m worth contracts, which also include options valued at an additional $50m over the next five years."

According to the first contract, CAE USA will continue to provide classroom and simulator instruction in support of US Air Force’s (USAF) KC-135 training programme, while offering additional training support services as the new KC-135 boom operator weapon systems trainers (BOWST) are incorporated into the programme.

The contract represents an option for the fourth year of a training services contract the company holds with USAF on the KC-135 tanker programme.

CAE USA will also upgrade and improve the KC-135 operational flight trainers and courseware under separate modification contracts from USAF.

A third contract will see CAE Elektronik upgrading the German Air Force’s Tornado full-mission simulators, to ensure compliance with the avionics software system Tornado (ASSTA) combat efficiency improvement programme, currently being performed on the service’s Tornado aircraft fleet.

Additionally, the company will modernise and improve the simulator interface system, apart from addressing obsolescence issues.

CAE also secured a contract to design and manufacture a military helicopter full-mission simulator for an unidentified customer.

Image: A USAF personnel training in a KC-135 simulator at RAF Mildenhall in England. Photo: courtesy of Karen Abeyasekere.

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