T-6C Texan

CAE has won a total of C$110m ($103.3m) contracts to provide training systems and services to global defence customers, including New Zealand, Germany and Iraq.

Under a contract awarded by Beechcraft Defense, the company will develop and support a T-6C ground-based training system (GBTS) for the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF). Beechcraft will provide 11 T-6C Texan II aircraft and 30 years of logistics support to New Zealand.

The T-6C GBTS will feature two T-6C operational flight trainers (OFTs), computer-based classroom training systems and courseware customised for RNZAF pilot training.

The T-6C OFTs will include a high-fidelity replica of T-6C cockpit with a CAE Medallion-6000 image generator-driven 270° x70° field-of-view display system, and the CAE-developed common database, which enhances the ability to correlate and rapidly update databases to support training and mission rehearsal needs.

"CAE’s contract with Germany requires it to replace ageing components and upgrade the visual systems on Eurofighter’s simulators."

CAE Defence and Security Group president Gene Colabatistto said the integrated pilot training solution will cost-effectively meet RNZAF current and future pilot training requirements.

The company will deliver the T-6C GBTS to RNZAF Base Ohakea in 2015 and provide long-term training support and maintenance services.

CAE’s contract with Germany requires it to replace ageing components and upgrade the visual systems on the German Air Force’s Eurofighter simulators.

The upgrade will include the addition of CAE Medallion-6000 image generator and new high-resolution projectors and dome display systems for the Eurofighter full-mission simulators and Eurofighter cockpit trainers located in Laage, Norvenich, Wittmund and Neuburg, Germany.

CAE will also supply the Medallion-6000 image generator and a database modelling station for a T-50IQ full-mission simulator being built by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for the Iraqi Air Force.
Another contract by an undisclosed international customer requires CAE to supply a KC-135 boom operator weapon systems trainer, which will provide tanker boom operators with enhanced synthetic training capabilities.

Image: New Zealand’s T-6C Texan II aircraft will be similar to the Royal Moroccan Air Force’s T-6 trainers. Photo: courtesy of Ndunruh.

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